Private Florence Tours

I was born in Florence and I was baptized in the same Baptistery where Dante was baptized in the 1200's.  I live in a house which was owned by Michelangelo 500 years ago.  I was destined to serve my city as an art guide. So come in and visit the city of Florence through my historical connections!

Highlights of Florence Tour

I will take you on a walking tour of the city through the highlights understanding why since the 18th century millions of people from all over the world have felt the need to see this city and learn its history.  The city was a favorite destination for the Grand Tour in the 19th century and it was defined a "Paradise of Exiles" for many Anglo-Americans visitors elected the city as their second home. You will discover why Florence built the largest cathedral in the 13th century, tht is the Duomo.  The meaning of Ghiberti's Paradise gates on the Baptistery will be revealed, and Giotto's distinctive bell-tower will ostentate its powerful message. Piazza della Signoria was the scenario for Florence politics and history such as the Bonfire of the Vanities in the Renaissance.  Dante, Da Vinci, Lorenzo il Magnifico, Savonarola, Michelangelo and many others will become the key players of our tour.

Michelangelo's David

Have you ever imagined to have him all for yourself without the five thousand people that visit the museum each day? Ask me about this special experience

P.S. A portion of this tour proceedings will go to support the future conservation of this masterpiece and other artworks in the Academy museum.  You will contribute to maintain art for the future generations.

Vasari Corridor

The VASARI CORRIDOR and I... were featured in a Conde' Nast Traveller magazine article by Wendy Perrin "The Fabulous Fifty" as the most exclusive and beautiful 50 places to visit in the world.  Ask me about an exclusive and private tour of the Vasari corridor for you and your party.