Kids Tours

Renaissance Treasure Hunt

Learn about the RENAISSANCE in a fascinating treasure hunt for kids, collecting prizes and treasures throughout the city. This is a learning experience for kids and parents.  You will decipher coded letters and engage in other fun activities all related to the Renaissance period. Maps, compasses, collecting bags, leather folders, feathers, and many Renaissance souvenirs will be gained for kids to take home and surely show their classmates.

Michelangelo for Families

An easy approach to the artist for kids and their families.  Your kids will learn how Michelangelo created a piece of sculpture and will reproduce manually a detail from the artists work in his own house.  Best for Age 6-12

Florentine Arts and Crafts

Your kids will be introduced to different workshops in the city historical center where they can learn old Florentine crafts through the observation of our skilled artisans, such as leather making, Florentine pietre dure mosaic, Florentine paper making and why not... a little gelato making and tasting would be good.

Life in a Renaissance Family Palace

This tour will take inside a Renaissance Palazzo to find out how people lived in the Renaissance. Parents and children's daily lives, clothing, education and food will be revived in the visit to a Renaissance Palace museum.  Best for Families of all ages.